Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday – kom med dit bud…
Se alle de fantastiske bud p? denne uges tema: Wisdom…

“>WisdomWisdom very often meets wisdom and fall in love. That’s what this illustration is all about.

I know a lot of wise people and often, if they’re married, their spouse is wise too. Maybe it has to do with being openminded as one travels through life. Being openminded also means, that having a fellow minded makes life so much more fun and a lot richer in both colors and words.

I hope to live long enough to be wise. I intent to do my very best every day…

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10 kommentarer

  • Svar
    19. august 2005 at 08:28

    i saw your blog and love your illustrations straight away.Your illustration always remind me of sunny days.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Svar
    18. august 2005 at 17:45

    beautiful! i love their different faces and the colors are fabulous

  • Svar
    18. august 2005 at 10:31


    How clever your illustrations always are and delightful!

  • Svar
    17. august 2005 at 16:22

    I love your choice of colors and textures. The owls are wonderful!

  • Svar
    17. august 2005 at 14:12


  • Liselotte
    17. august 2005 at 13:39

    The pattern used, is one I made for Fireworks a long time ago :-)

  • Svar
    17. august 2005 at 13:08

    I like the tree patterns. Its the same used in rasberry jars banner. Its a illustrator pattern?
    Nice illo !!

  • Svar
    17. august 2005 at 12:00

    I like your illustration very much . The colours and the subject-great!

  • Liselotte
    17. august 2005 at 10:50

    Thank you very much Carla :-)

  • Svar
    17. august 2005 at 10:45

    I very much like the use of circles with the sharpness of the tree. The swirling patterns are cool too. I agree with your explanation…I do think finding a person who’s on your wavelength can help increase each other’s wisdom. Nice job!

  • Tak for, at du giver siden liv med dine kommentarer :-)