Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday – kom med dit bud…
Se alle de fantastiske bud p? denne uges tema: Travel…

“>Travelling makes me glow...At first I made this. I wasn’t quite happy with it and wanted to make something different allthough it’s so typical me. Travelling always makes me buy all kind of make-up, perfume, lotions and so on. I don’t need it. I just can’t leave it – I HAVE to buy it. Maybe it’s the true sign of a woman ;-)

“>Travelling boy...I went for something completely different here. The boy was used before, but I think he would make a nice example of how travelling isn’t always a happy and joyful thing. Sometimes it really feels more necessary than wanted and well… I think he’s cute and tells a nice story. You go make your own story of why he’s leaving… and have fun :-)

Have a nice weekend :-)

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