Zen Parry

Eight days into her monthlong installation/performance in the Portland Building, Parry begins to fill the 8-foot-by-10-foot public art space with crocheted plastic squares for an afghan ? a security blanket without warmth, a metaphor for unfulfilling work…


Dates: Monday, October 10 ? Friday, November 4
Location: The Portland Building, Portland, OR
Times: 8:30am ? 4:00pm

During a temporary job I had in the corporate world, the office always functioned well, but ?felt? even better when the Office Assistant was present. This woman brought a sense of comfort into that cold sterile environment ? she did all of the unseen things that the rest of us didn?t know how to do. I often thought of her as providing a comforting blanket of functionality within that office ? you could always rely on her “just being there.”

This installation symbolizes the comfort experienced in that environment. There is a lot of security in having a routine and identity that a job provides. Even though you might not be happy with your job, you will still come to work on a regular basis, and perform your duties, comfortable in the familiarity of that rhythm. I am doing the same – coming to work each day, performing my duties by being here and making a rug of comfort.

You are invited to interrupt my performance ? sit and chat, call out to me as you walk through the lobby or use the ATM machine ? you might even try to ignore me as you hurry to your next appointment. Artists often strive to create an environment as a work of art. In this installation/performance, I will strive to create an environment as the art of work.

Even if you manage to ignore me, I know that you will miss me when I am gone…..

Hun blogger selvf?lgelig om det og det er b?de sjovt at l?se om hendes oplevelser med publikum, men ogs? imponerende at se hvor enormt hendes “kunstv?rk” ender med at blive.

Hendes visitkort ligger her.

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