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Illustration Friday – kom med dit bud…
Se alle de fantastiske bud p� denne fredags tema: Ancient…

Well, this illustration calls for an explanation. My Grandma Karen died years ago. I loved her. She was a loving, caring and warm person and I loved visiting her.
When I went to visit her, I sometimes got to water her plants. One of them was this old cactus she inherited from her mother, who inherited it from her mother. Karen was very fond of the cactus and I had to water it carefully � not too much, not too little.

When Karen died, my father inherited the cactus. He had it for years and then, 3 years ago, he got sick from cancer and unfortunately the doctors couldn�t do anything to help him.
I took care of him in the 6 month he had left. I also watered and cared for the old cactus. It became a symbol of life, and I promised myself, that when my Dad died, I would take care of this weird and ancient inheritance, the cactus.

It now brightens my day all year round. It�s a joy looking at it, watching it grow, knowing that this plant is more than a century old and that I am the one, to make sure it lasts years to come. I do my best every day…

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